Reviewer: Finis Jhung, Master Teacher - 2009
"Dancing Fingers" says it all. Michael Roberts knows how to bring out the best in every dancer. His years of experience playing for the world's best ballet dancers have equipped him with a unique understanding of what dancers need to hear to dance their best. This is a stupendous new collection of original ballet class music with many moods that is simply elegant, expertly phrased, and absolutely inspiring!

Reviewer: Dance Magazine - 1979
Described Volume 1 as "the one you should choose for your desert island (and) as being steeped in understanding... (with) Tchaikovsky smiling over his shoulder."

Reviewer: Juliet Prowse
"Michael's music is such an inspiration to us dancers. Somehow it makes the "hurts" bearable. I don't think I could have made it through my classes had it not been for him. Thank you Michael."

Reviewer: Mikhail Baryshnikov - Los Angeles Times - 1984
Michael is wonderful. His music cheers you up and rehabilitates you!

Reviewer: Douglas Nielson (Master teacher/Choreographer)
A class without Michael's music is like chapagne without bubbles!

Reviewer: Bonnie Oda Homsey (Former Principal Dancer Martha Graham Dance Co./Master Teacher/Choreographer)
I appreciate that the tracks are long enough to allow the necesary warm-up and repetition of exercises at the beginning of class, and inspirational for substantive combinations across the floor.

Reviewer: Gabrielle Brown, Former Soloist w/ABT, Dance Teacher - May 26, 2003
Michael Roberts latest CD is his finest compilation of inspirational ballet music yet. His compositions are wonderfully buoyant and the CD is designed perfectly to support a full range of barre exercises and center combinations. Michael Roberts' music adds life to every class and his masterful accompaniment provides artistry, energy and fun for all of my students.

Reviewer: Mark Y. Goldweber, ballet master - The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago - March 21, 2003
I will be able to use this CD over and over because the music is so versatile. Michael's music inspires the teacher and the dancer. I will say without a doubt, Michael is the best!

Reviewer: Jodi Wintz-Rose from Sydney, Australia - March 6, 2002
"Between The Barres" by Michael Roberts has been a success here in Australia. His beautifully presented, long playing tracks fill my ballet classes with life, energy and joy. So many of my teaching colleagues have said the same! I was formally a dancer with the New York based Joffrey Ballet Company in the 1970's. Since living and teaching in Sydney for eight years, I am constantly on the lookout for ballet class music. Michael's creative talent certainly comes through in this brilliant cd and it has made my life easier! I am able to smoothly conduct my two hour class because of his vast musical selections as well as the inspiration they provide! My publication, "The Dancer's Newsletter" which is circulated across Australia, featured "Between the Barres". Needless to say, we sold out very fast! Thank you Michael for the wonderful contribution you have made to all us dance teachers...and especially from here Down Under.

Reviewer: Steven Woodruff from Pasadena,California - May 2, 2002
I have been using Michael Roberts' BETWEEN THE BARRES 20th Anniversary Edition double CD for class and warm up since it was released in 1999. There is a wide variety of beautiful and imaginative music on 2 CDs to cover all needs for barre and center floor. The selections and tempos are clearly arranged on the liner notes.
Michael plays a lyrical and pianistic version of his music which is all original. As a professional musican, dancer and teacher I highly recommend this double CD package. BETWEEN THE BARRES is refreshing and there is LOTS of it!

Reviewer: Diane Doban
Michael Roberts has an intuitive sense of what works for a ballet class. He knows what dancers want, and he always delivers. This album is definitely his best yet! I especially like Track #30, his petite allegro. This album really motivates the dancers and brings out the star in each of us.

Reviewer: Leslie Carothers fomerly of the Joffrey and Pennsylvania Ballet
Michael Roberts music is rich, varied and full of feeling. Movement is built intelligently and fully into every phrase.

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